Steve Attardo is a New York-based art director, designer, photographer, and educator working with a focus in publishing, photojournalism, and all forms visual storytelling. Currently, Steve is the Design Director for W. W. Norton and Company’s trade book division. 

Norton is the world’s largest Independent publisher whose books live at the intersection high quality non-fiction, reportage, groundbreaking fiction, and poetry. In this role, he leads and contributes to a team talented Art Directors and Designers who combined, jacket nearly 200 books per year. Additionally, he plays a role in the cross platform marketing of key titles by exploring new media as a means to communicate a book’s broader message. 

His core interest as an artist is in documenting and portraying the complexity of a story through simple and striking compositions. His photography, his work at Norton, and his approach as an educator is all in service to the stories and connections between us. In 2009, Steve began to explore the idea of peeling back the layers with his thesis project at SVA titled, Campfire: Hunter and since then has been refining his voice of combining words, photography, and art.

Over the past 10 years, Steve has worked for nearly every major publisher, Newsweek Magazine, The New York Times, and a variety of freelance clients. Some of the Author’s he has had the privilege of working with include Ronan Farrow, Jay-Z, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Michael Korda, Rion Amilcar Scott, Chuck Palahniuk, Nicole Dennis-Benn, and (Mayor) Pete Buttigeig. 

He is available for select freelance design projects, photography assignments, speaking engagements, workshops, and any other collaborative opportunities so please get in touch

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