Steve Attardo 

is a New York-based art director, designer, photographer, educator and father of two, working with a focus in publishing and visual storytelling. Currently, he is the Creative Director for W. W. Norton and Company’s trade book division where he oversee's and contributes to a team of Art Directors and Designers. Combined, they jacket nearly 200 books per year. 

His work has been recognized by the AIGA, The One Show, Type Directors Club, D&AD, Creative Review, Graphis, New York Book Show, and various other online publications. In 2022 he was a recipient of a Gold Cube from the Art Director's Club in recognition of his work as the art director for the exterior package of The Lyrics, by Paul McCartney

Some of the Author’s he has had the privilege of working with include Sir Paul McCartney, Ronan Farrow, Jay-Z, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Michael Lewis, Michael Korda, Rion Amilcar Scott, Chuck Palahniuk, T.C. Boyle, Nicole Dennis-Benn, and Pete Buttigeig. 

He is available for select freelance design projects, photography assignments, speaking engagements, workshops, and any other collaborative opportunities so please get in touch

Photograph by Erin Witkowski

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