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Joy Enough (Jan '19)
Good To Go (Feb '19)
Zora & Langston (March '19)
Never A Lovely So Real (April '19)
World Doesn't Require You (Aug. '19)

Casual Optimist

Joy Enough (Jan '19)
The Wall (March '19)
Never A Lovely So Real (April '19)
Patsy (June '19)
World Doesn't Require You (Aug. '19)

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Joy Enough (Jan '19)
Zora & Langston (March '19)
Cosmological Koans (May '19)
Lithium (August '19)
World Doesn't Require You (Aug. '19)
Summertime (August '19)
The Accusation (September '19)
Shadow King ( September '19)
Annotated H.P Lovecraft Vol. 2 (Sep. '19)


Patsy (June '19)
World Doesn't Require You (Aug. '19)


Steve Attardo on Designing Nicole Dennis-Benn's Patsy

I wasn’t in the office when the finished jackets for Patsy arrived. The first time I saw them they were stacked neatly next to my keyboard on top of a few other hot-off-the-press jackets. I immediately inspected every line, felt the paper stock, ran my hands over the surface and exhaled in relief. Then smiled and wrapped every book on my window ledge with them. A wall of Patsy!

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Format Magazine: How To Design a Best Selling Book Cover

What goes into the design behind your bestsellers. Along with Michel VranaAnna Green, and Martin Hinze.

"The challenge here was less about telling a story and more about capturing an emotion. Add the fact that all three books were being published as a backlist series, and you have the juicy beginnings of a very fun project."

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Secrets of the Book Designer: My Job Isn't To Make Things Pretty

Each time I start a project, I begin with a new set of words, some blank sheets in my notebook, and a passionate editor who knows that this book might just make an impact on someone’s life. It’s my job to give that book a face and a voice....

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